The Secret Mantra

Oft I wonder,  How do children manage to be happy?  They cry and weep,  But that's short lived.  They smile and laugh their hearts out,  Oblivious of their surroundings.  What's the secret mantra I thought,  And slowly drifted to sleep.  Heard a...

Eerie Silence

  An eerie silence shrouded the air,  Unusual that was, As kids were part of the daily affair.    An armed troop was the reason,  For the vibrant air to turn chill,  Even during this festive season.    Two shots, one hit the...

What’s Our Fault

Oh! What was our fault, tell me my mother, That ousted we're , from our country so dear? We didn't ask for fight, nor revolution, Neither power, bloodshed, nor any loss.   All we wanted was, just a peaceful...

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