The Trio Adventures – A Teacher’s Secret


School life, memorable days of our life aren’t they? Especially when you have some wonderful friends, an amazing teacher and understanding parents, there’s nothing better than that. 


Here’s a book written by a school going girl that for sure will take you back to your school days. Comprising 14 interesting chapters, ‘The Trio Adventures – A Teacher’s Secret’ is the first book in the series. 


The book opens with little Lea, a 11 year old girl, being skeptical about moving out from her cozy neighbourhood and school to New York. Lea is a girl with simple ideas and is contended with small things and gestures. She doesn’t prefer a big mansion, but a simple home instead. 


Her parents Ms. and Mr. Albert are so supportive and proud of what their daughter thinks. 


She makes friends with her neighbour Mary who studies with her in the same class in New York. They hit off immediately. Mary’s handling of her pet dog Baxter amazes Lea and they instantly think of setting up a pet day care. They join hands with Ria, another enthusiastic girl and name their center ‘A Treat for your Pet’. 


The first day at school brings in a surprise for Lea. She is happy as well as puzzled to see her teacher Ms. Kelly from her old school. Ms. Kelly becomes her class teacher in this school as well. Lea is curious when Ms. Kelly tells her not to reveal that she was Lea’s teacher in the previous school as well. 


The entry of a new girl, Jane brings in more trouble for Lea  and Ms. Kelly as Jane had bullied Lea and she was suspected to be a reason behind Ms. Kelly leaving the old school. Jane’s presence makes Ms. Kelly uncomfortable and that doesn’t go well with Lea. 


She, along with Mary and Ria is determined to find out the mystery behind the alleged article that made Ms. Kelly leave the old school. 


Finally on her birthday, the mystery of the article unravels before Lea and her friends. They take help of Ruby to bring out Ms. Kelly’s innocence. 


The novel ends on a positive note and strengthens the friendship between Lea, Mary and Ria. 


Kudos to the young author Vismaya. Her thought process and clarity is commendable. 


This book is a breezy read for youngsters as well as adults. 


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