The Labyrinth of Silence


Title – The Labyrinth of Silence 

Author – Dr.Aparna Salvi Nagda

Publisher – Vishwakarma Publications 

Genre – Fiction 


Being a tale set at Tilakwadi, a sleepy village in Belgaum, The Labyrinth of Silence gives us a glimpse of Maharashtrian and Kannada culture.


The story travels through three characters Muki, Girish and Kashi. They may seem independent, but they have been interlinked so well by Dr. Aparna with her powerful words. They are bound together by Narmada, ahh.. not the river by just a namesake.


The names of most of the  characters resonate well with their behaviour and characterization. From one finding a meaning to get life, to the other trying to escape from the childhood abuse, to another finding meaning to her existence itself tugs your heart so much.


A practice called Niyog drives the story. And to know more about that, do grab the book and read.

The Labyrinth of Silence

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