Jewels From The Treasure Trove


Title – Jewels from the Treasure Trove

Author – Anamika Kundu

Publisher – Vishwakarma Publications 

Genre – Short Stories 


Jewels from the Treasure Trove is a collection of 35 short stories.

Each and every story is a jewel from the trove of the author Anamika and I loved them all.


Certain stories really struck a chord and remained with me even after reading. Listing those titles and a crisp explanation about the same.




Humans and animals have a lot in common but have you thought about a commonality of Will or Inheritance? Well that’s what this tale takes you through.




Every parent wants the best for his/her child. And same was the case with Velamma. She just wanted the best for her daughter Sharada. What more can mean freedom to a girl from the sea side other than swimming?




A tale of true love, and how they stood for each other. That’s Inked, the story of Raveena and Ashok. A simple tale that portrays human emotions really well.




This story transported me to a typical Bengali household. My heart laughed when Paromita raced to victory against her brother and wept when she was found in a dismal state by her brother. 


Anamika ma’am’s words add the feelings and power up the description of Paromita at her sasurbari.


Super Chef


Master chef, a dream for every person who excels in cooking. It is believed that when you cook from your heart and bask in the joy of seeing others relish your food, the food turns out to be master chef worthy. That was Dolly, the super chef..

Jewels From The Treasure Trove

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