I was happy with my new dress,  Transparent, yet beautiful.  You reflected the sunlight And made me shine so bright.    Lest did I know,  That you would cause misery,  To the fragments that belong to me And in peace you wouldn't...

English is Funny

Correcting English papers, Aah… it's real fun you sea.  The children right interesting answers,  Reading them, you laugh out loud.    They say, we drawed on the floor,  When mumma cutted vegetables And my brother hitted me hardly,  That my back started...


The waft Of petrichor Had the divine smell of rains. Trickled were my sleeping senses As it brushed against me.


Aye books A Writer's pride And a reader's delight Rustle and smell of your paper, Aah.. Intoxicating.


A pensee poem is a five-line, non rhyming patterned poem. Topic: writer’s choice Rhyme Scheme: non-rhyming Syllable count: line: 1 – 2 syllables line: 2 – 4 syllables line: 3 – 7 syllables line: 4 – 8 syllables line: 5 – 6...


Sounds that came out from the room were Cries that sent chills down the spine.  Reverberating against the four walls,  Each of different emotions, one of pain And the other of anxiety. A mother's pain, and the baby's anxiety...   Photo...

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