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Triveni is a form of Hindi/Urdu poetry initiated by the poet Gulzar. Unlike sher, a triveni consists of three "hemistichs" (misras). The first two are complete in themselves but the addition of the third misra gives a...

Smoke or Waterfall?

Is it frozen smoke or a frozen waterfall ? Magical isn't it? Pic courtesy : Badrinarayana Vengavasi Photography


Brown hills looked over their reflection with an awe as the snow melted. Pic Courtesy : Sain Singh


Your crisp rustling sound, fragrance of you, new and old, makes me fall for you.

A Cup of Bliss

Roasted, brewed , boiled to perfect colour and fragrance, to arouse my mind

The Pink Bloom

Floral pink carpet, rolled on by nature herself, heralding the spring.

The Woods

Mesmerizing are the endless, enchanting woods, lush and magical.

The Meeting

Hills with lush green crowns reach out to the azure sky traversing the clouds.

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