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Sweat, blood of millions Transpired the freedom we laud, Alas! They  couldn't see.     The poem was awarded the Certificate of Excellence by United By Ink and is published in the website of UnitedByInk - Image courtesy :...

Pencil Box

Pride of the owner Envied by the eyes around Charm it was, to own. The poem is published in the website of UnitedByInk group : Image by Rupert Kittinger-Sereinig from Pixabay 

The Golden Umbrella

The month of April shines under the canopy of golden shower. Image Courtesy :

Write a Will

Write a will they said But of what? I just wondered No penny earned, saved. Photo by Melinda Gimpel on Unsplash

NaPoWriMo – An Ode

National Poetry Writing Month saw  Poems flowing in from every nook and corner,  Writers brought their thoughts to words and drenched Mornings and nights in their verses.    Nature, mythology, life experiences  Posed well as our muses,  Wrinkling papers under our...

Sayonara – An Acrostic

Soulful verses, at times Seething with anger,  Alleviated the pain and Acknowledged the efforts too Youthful at times, made one Yearn for more,  Opus magnum some were, some Oozing out humour,  Negatives were blown away, Nurtured was the...

Colourful Danger

Wibbly wobbly is what I feel As I touch you.  How colourful and beautiful you look,  All alone, you are so cute In a swarm, you are dangerous too.  Your sting scares me to death.  Am your friend,  So sting me...

Guess!! Who Am I ????

Your slender and sleek body,  Oh! My hands yearn to hold you.  The black attire, sometimes green,  With a golden crown,  Makes you stand out in the crowd.  You come fully fed at times,  But I love when I feed...

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