The waft Of petrichor Had the divine smell of rains. Trickled were my sleeping senses As it brushed against me.


Aye books A Writer's pride And a reader's delight Rustle and smell of your paper, Aah.. Intoxicating.


Sounds that came out from the room were Cries that sent chills down the spine.  Reverberating against the four walls,  Each of different emotions, one of pain And the other of anxiety. A mother's pain, and the baby's anxiety...   Photo...

Words and Books

Freed you are from ignorance if you,  Read your way through books.  Breed with like minded binds,  Exceed your intellectual looks.    Sight the images that form in your mind,  Light them up with your words.  Right path if you take,...

Correction Woes!!!

What on earth is that, an 'a' or 'o'? Can you tell me, or is it a no? Am not able to read this, Is it my age or a miss? A teacher's correction woes, you know!

Like a Bird

Through the floating sponge I flew like the lovely bird, Fearless, focussed, undeterred, Ready for the plunge, Into the depths of my life, With confidence by my side.

Shed War, Embrace Love

The terrible sounds of blasts, oh! Unbearable. The stench of blood, flesh and smoke, makes us uneasy. What do you gain ye human, by spreading hatred? Please, let us grow up in peace, shed war, embrace love.

Kerala Simham

Legend speaks in volumes Of your prowess and courage, You, an inspiration to all   Hailed a hero for a lone fight, When kith and kin sought asylum, You showed what real courage means.   forests of Wayanad, your friends, Whom you knew...

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