Memorable Ride



A bright and fresh morning,

Got lit up more,

With the clamour in the bus.


The eager voices of teens,

Who embarked on a new journey 

Sounded so cool!!!


There were eyes rolling onto them,

Some judging their camaraderie,

And some, enjoying their banter.


In this crowd, their eyes met,

And an instant connection was set.

The strength, unknown though.


They were classmates,

But, the glances were exchanged

Only on the bus.


Their love blossomed,

Sans any display,

Oblivious to their friends.


Three years passed soon,

And they were in the last days

Of studying together.


When he boarded the bus that day.

His eyes pranced for her glimpse,

And there she was, beautiful as ever.


She smiled, and he was floored,

The bus moved slower than

Their racing heart beats.


She walked towards him,

And stretched out her hand,

Which had a bright red rose.


The moment seemed surreal,

When she said, ‘ I Love You’,

And he smiled and said ‘Me Too’.


The bus, became the witness,

To their silent love,

That blossomed into a lifelong bond.

Photo by Ryan Brooklyn on Unsplash

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