Those hand-painted walls With scribbles, symbols unknown Rewinds the life tape.   It plays lovely days Filled with giggles, gibberish Just so wonderful!!   Numbered those days are, I did know very clearly But my heart said no   In their teens they are emptiness syndrome strikes...


The dawn breaks with Suprabhatam and Sahasranamam And a white carpet of kolam, Ushering in the day.   The aroma of filter coffee Filling the room, Was an unsaid alarm For me to wake up.   Brightly lit pooja room, With chandanam and camphor, Spreading their...

Correction Woes!!!

What on earth is that, an 'a' or 'o'? Can you tell me, or is it a no? Am not able to read this, Is it my age or a miss? A teacher's correction woes, you know!

Sayonara – An Acrostic

Soulful verses, at times Seething with anger,  Alleviated the pain and Acknowledged the efforts too Youthful at times, made one Yearn for more,  Opus magnum some were, some Oozing out humour,  Negatives were blown away, Nurtured was the...

What Was Our Fault ?

The child all of four, Was assaulted by one and more. Poor soul bled to death, Is humanity under dearth ?   A girl in her early teens, Was crumpled by boys so mean. The scar that they left, Was more than...

She Wondered Aloud

With her crumpled dress and bruised body, She wondered aloud, If dad had waited till the bus came,  I could have been saved.  If mom had allowed me to learn karate,  I would have defended myself.  If the boys were...

The Secret Mantra

Oft I wonder,  How do children manage to be happy?  They cry and weep,  But that's short lived.  They smile and laugh their hearts out,  Oblivious of their surroundings.  What's the secret mantra I thought,  And slowly drifted to sleep.  Heard a...

Dolce far niente

In this bustling life,  Where we join the rat race,  And run like a deer There are days,  When I just feel,  To be dolce far niente,  Like the hare during the race.  The joy of being idle, Is equal to bliss.  Oh!...

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