She Wondered Aloud

With her crumpled dress and bruised body, She wondered aloud, If dad had waited till the bus came,  I could have been saved.  If mom had allowed me to learn karate,  I would have defended myself.  If the boys were...

The Secret Mantra

Oft I wonder,  How do children manage to be happy?  They cry and weep,  But that's short lived.  They smile and laugh their hearts out,  Oblivious of their surroundings.  What's the secret mantra I thought,  And slowly drifted to sleep.  Heard a...

Dolce far niente

In this bustling life,  Where we join the rat race,  And run like a deer There are days,  When I just feel,  To be dolce far niente,  Like the hare during the race.  The joy of being idle, Is equal to bliss.  Oh!...


In the sleepy winter morn,  Like a glisk of warmth,  Creeped in the dawn.    The song of the cuckoo,  Chimed in  tandem,  As the sun played peek a boo.    The sprouting greens,  On the snow clad branches,  Looked so calm and serene.    The...

Jugaad Saves the Day

Just as I thought I was done for the day,  My phone rang, scaring me away.  Guests were on their way,  Unannounced, but in gay.    All I had were some chapatis and onions,  And I got my companion.  Sliced them...

Me, the Pusthakapuzhu

I was called a pusthakapuzhu,  As I slept and woke up with books.    Books were my lifelines And my best friends too.    As days passed, I joined the rat race And the pusthakapuzhu in me went into hibernation.    The lockdown...

A Drop of Life

She was thirsty and parched,  The heat cracked her skin open.  All she yearned for,  Was a drop of water to soothe herself.    Her weary eyes, were in search,  Of that one speck of dark cloud,  Through which a drop...

Poetic Liars

Liar, they were called for They wrote cute and lovely lies Just like a small child.

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