Sleeping Beauty 2.0


The princess looked beautiful,

That she captivated all the eyes,

One pair though was jealous

And vowed to make her vanish.


Tricked she was,

To bite the forbidden apple,

And she fell unconscious,

Delighting the heart that yearned to banish.


Sleeping Beauty she was called,

Watched over by all,

Waited for the right person,

To kiss her back to life.


One fine day, came a saviour,

On a horse, clad in armour.

The naysayers told the tale

On hearing which the horse stopped at the castle.


Her eyes fell upon the princess,

And was lured by her grace.

She went on her knees

And planted a kiss on her lips.


The spell was thus broken,

And she woke from her slumber.

She smiled at her saviour,

And the girls lived happily ever after.


Photo by Baran Lotfollahi on Unsplash

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