Sleeping Beauty 2.0

The princess looked beautiful, That she captivated all the eyes, One pair though was jealous And vowed to make her vanish.   Tricked she was, To bite the forbidden apple, And she fell unconscious, Delighting the heart that yearned to banish.   Sleeping Beauty...

Fight or Give Up

  She stood there, frozen, The world seemed to have stopped. She had a choice to make, Either fight or just give up.   If she chose to give up, Her comrades' lives were at stake. Her one decision, Could just seal their...

A Cherished Treasure

Your hands so fragile Yet strong when they hold me tight Yes, I can feel you.   Your smile is sweet, young So innocent, genuine, Yes, I can see that.   Your breath is so fresh, As though you are next to me, Yes,...


They waited for the day, With eagerness and tension, As there, their happiness did lay.   To all gods they did pray, To ensure their lives reached a contention, They waited for the day.   When natural ways didn't pay, They sought medical...

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Sleeping Beauty 2.0

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