Like a Bird

Through the floating sponge I flew like the lovely bird, Fearless, focussed, undeterred, Ready for the plunge, Into the depths of my life, With confidence by my side.

Shed War, Embrace Love

The terrible sounds of blasts, oh! Unbearable. The stench of blood, flesh and smoke, makes us uneasy. What do you gain ye human, by spreading hatred? Please, let us grow up in peace, shed war, embrace love.

Hidden Hues

Delving deep into Oneself, brings out the varied Hues that were hidden.

Gazing into the Unknown

  Eyes fixed lazily at the far off horizon thinking of unknown.   What future holds for Is indeed a mystery. So let's take a guess.


Sweat, blood of millions Transpired the freedom we laud, Alas! They¬† couldn't see.     The poem was awarded the Certificate of Excellence by United By Ink and is published in the website of UnitedByInk - Image courtesy :...

Pencil Box

Pride of the owner Envied by the eyes around Charm it was, to own. The poem is published in the website of UnitedByInk group : Image by Rupert Kittinger-Sereinig from Pixabay 

The Golden Umbrella

The month of April shines under the canopy of golden shower. Image Courtesy :

Write a Will

Write a will they said But of what? I just wondered No penny earned, saved. Photo by Melinda Gimpel on Unsplash

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