One More Than Forty-Six


One more than forty-six, 

That made my life a unique mix. 

People thought me weird, 

And I was never cheered. 

Growing up was indeed very hard, 

But my parents stood my guard. 

Milestones I achieved with a delay, 

As small steps I took day by day. 

People sneered and called me dumb, 

But to their sharp words, I didn’t succumb. 

I was a failure in their views, 

But I embraced the wonderful hues

And created a world of magic, 

That changed my life from being tragic. 

Soon, my name was in the rounds, 

When the DaVinci award* reached this Down’s. 


March 21st – World Poetry Day, Down’s Syndrome Day


*DaVinci Award – The Leonardo da Vinci International Award (Italian: Premio Internazionale Leonardo da Vinci) is an annual international prize named after Leonardo da Vinci, to award outstanding achievement by young people involved in the study of the sciences, technology, literature and the arts.


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