The Fairly Ordinary Princess


How deep do you get into while reading a book? Do you get lost in those pages or sail through the thoughts of the characters? 


Well, here is a princess, a fairly ordinary princess who sets sail into the pages of her current read. 


The  Fairly Ordinary Princess, debut book of Khushboo Shah takes us to the fantasy world that Princess Nirzari, along with her pet parrot Jawaab-e-Hazir takes. 


She calls herself the “Fairly Ordinary Princess” who loves to get immersed into her books under the champa tree of her garden unlike her brother who is hooked up with his phone. 


As the pages of the book turn, she meets her grandmother, sees the childhood of her parents and even gets the proposed map of her city. 


The book takes us through the adventures of the princess. The short poems recited by Jawaab-e-Hazir, the quick remarks of grandma and Sayaani, the soothsayer linger around for long. 


The Fairly Ordinary Princess is a must read for the children out there, as well as for every reader who has a child sleeping within, a child who loves to get lost in the world of books. 

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