The Cry that Melted a Heart


The corridors were empty, 

Sending vibes so cold, 

Even in sultry April.


Murmurs and hushed voices, 

Lingered through the air. 

Was it some conspiracy? 


A first cry that broke the silence, 

Struck through the hearts outside

And soothed the ears. 


A voice was heard again, 

That said, the cry was from XX. 

And gloom prevailed. 


Minutes later, another cry was heard, 

This time it was a painful wail though

And that pierced into even a stone. 


The mortals who stood around 

Seemed to have no heart, 

As her cry didn’t stir them a bit. 


But the pain and agony, 

Managed to melt one heart, 

That bore the voice of a messenger before. 


The nurse who took the child away, 

Couldn’t see the mother’s pain

And she secretly united them again. 

Photo by Christian Bowen on Unsplash

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