What’s Our Fault


Oh! What was our fault, tell me my mother,

That ousted we’re , from our country so dear?

We didn’t ask for fight, nor revolution,

Neither power, bloodshed, nor any loss.


All we wanted was, just a peaceful place,

Where only love prevailed amongst people.

All we yearned for was a school to study,

To gain knowledge, and not arms and bullets.


We just wanted to hang around with pals,

Have fun, flying kites and playing marbles.

Instead we move around dodging the dead

And skipping the pool of blood! Oh nasty!!


We lost our own, in this battle unknown,

Parents for many are not known till now

Our heart aches as we see you cry all night

Won’t there be bright sunshine on any day?


We want to be in our dear motherland,

And serve her just like our own family. 

This refugee word breaks into pieces,

Our integrity, heart and soul you see.


Pic Courtesy : ttps://unsplash.com/photos/MX0erXb3Mms

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