Rewriting My Happily Ever After – A memoir of divorce and discovery


Rewriting My Happily Ever After by Dr. Ranjani Rao, takes us through the roller coaster ride of life. The journey of the author from an aspiring PhD scholar, to becoming a wife at an young age, her mental stress for not being able to become a mother, the societal pressures and the disconnect in her marital life are expressed so well in the first half of the book. 


The second half shows the grit of the woman who just walked out for a marriage that wasn’t working well enough and the way she took her stand and built everything from scratch. Her life shows a drastic change but not devoid of struggles. It shows her as a lady with a strong will power who faces all the struggles with courage and comes out victorious and contended. 


Her daughter seems to be strong as her, moves through this with ease. Ranjani also points out the importance of having some good friends in life. 


I personally loved the quotes that every chapter begins with, the metaphors used and the books and author suggestions that have been mentioned throughout. 


Overall, this book tells us that divorce is not the end but just the beginning to the life that is in our hands.


The paperback and e version of this book are available on Amazon Rewriting My Happily Ever After


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