Whispers of Immortality


Poems are a real treasure to read and relish. Whispers of Immortality, a book of poems has some wonderful verses that make us ponder, revisit and cherish every moment of life. 


Written in very simple language, this collection touches upon several sections or aspects. Each section treats our gray cells with some amazing words. 


Marital Games takes us through the journey of marriage. Saga of a Soldier’s Wife stole my heart there. 


Nature’s Bounty is indeed a wonderful gift wrapped in some soothing words. Each word gives us a glimpse of the varied hues and moods of nature. All the poems in this section painted an unerasable picture of the beauty around us. 


Of Covid and Lockdown speak out about the state that we were in during the pandemic. Wfh Woes and Finding Love… . In Covid Times are my favourite here. 


I Am A Woman, this section is again so close to heart, probably since I Am A Woman too!!! I loved all the poems written under this header. 


Matter of the Heart – Heart laughs, heart weeps, heart smiles and heart aches too. The poetess Vaishali’s words express all these feelings of a heart. The Class of 80, A Daughter Bereaved, Photographic Memories, Roped Into History, Different Strokes for Different Folks are a few that deserve a mention here. 


A Thing of Beauty gels well with the adage, ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’. This section takes us for a journey into the past and makes us nostalgic. It plays wonderful music as we travel through Dilli and Mumbai with the poetess. 


Boundless Love as the name suggests is all about love. Enthralling Sight, Love Conquers All, Love Paused,Emojis Wala Love are my favourites here. 


The Powers Above aptly put as the last section is all about optimism and positivity. 


Overall, a collection that will make the reader read throughout. The poetess Vaishali Chandorkar Chitale weaves magic with her words and ensures that her readers are kept glued. 

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