A Treasury of Tales from the Kathasaritasagara


Panchatantra, Jataka Tales, Aesop Fables, Kathasaritsagar are all treasures of stories with morals and values. They cater to all age groups. 


A Treasury of Tales from the Kathasaritasagara has a collection of those timeless tales that can entice the readers even now. 


The book begins with an introduction to Kathasaritsagar and proceeds with the sections curated by the author Jayashree Bhat. 


Each section has an apt illustration that speaks about the same. 


The Tales of Magic and Adventure transports the reader into the enchanted world of illusion and adventure. 


Tales of Wit and Folly makes us laugh and ponder over the silly thoughts and actions exhibited by the characters. 


Tales of Curses and Boons take us back to mythology where curses and boons were prevalent.


Tales of Birds and Animals reminds one of the Jataka tales and Aesop Fables. Animals and birds play pivotal roles in these stories. 


Having grown up watching thr Vikram Betal series, the last section on Tales of King Trivikramasena and the Vetala took me back to my childhood. The laughter of Betal or Vetala echoed in my ears as I read through the stories. 


Kudos to the author Jayashree Bhat for retelling these wonderful stories. It is a breezy and refreshing read. After all, there is a child sleeping within all of us right? 


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