Unheard Voices


The kicks in the womb,
Eager to jump out
To the mother’s bosom.
The urge of an infant,
Whose lovely eyes
Yearn the father’s arms.

The pain of the student,
Whose tiring fingers
Just ask to slow down.
The call of the teen,
Whose confused mind
Seeks a shoulder to lean.

The fatigue of the worker,
Whose burden body needs
Just a minute to rest.
The distress of the spouse,
Whose aching heart
Just needs a hug to ease.

The loneliness of the aged,
Whose trembling limbs
Just need a support.
The perplexed self,
That just needs some
Peace of mind to introspect.

All these emotions, just ask,
“Can you hear me? ”
If these unheard voices,
Of silence, despair and distress
Are really heard,
Then, you heard it all.


Photo by Tengyart on Unsplash

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