Nightmar….chines (Nightmarish Machines)


I woke up hearing a chatter
Amid the raindrops falling pitter – patter.
I strolled through the dark
To see who was doing walk the talk.

Lo! Behold! The machines were up,
Probably discussing whatsApp!?
I listened keenly and overheard
The conversation of the herd.

The washing machine was the first to say,
Oh! How many clothes they change in a day.
The vessels and the stove joined in dismay
To share about their doomsday.

They have been hit by a crisis
To stay indoors by a virus.
Echoed a sound out of the box
Yes, from the idiot box.

Alas! Sighed all the machines
There is no respite that means.
Startled by a voice in unison
The machines stopped their commotion.

Chill bro! You are now at rest,
We are never at rest!!!
Thus spoke in vain,
Phone, laptop and fan in pain.

Bang!! Closed the door
Voices ceased behind the door.
The thoughts never seemed to unwind
As it was deep rooted in my mind.

I decided to retire
And voices of despair I did hear.
The phone and the fan
Looking at me with a frown.


Photo by Naomi Hébert on Unsplash

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