Broken and Shattered


A stern face, confident eyes,
A poised gait and mature look.
Expressions were a miss,
Making her look like ice.

She was alone at home,
Her family unknown.
She was blamed by some,
For living alone at home.

Does she possess a heart?
Wondered the onlookers.
Some thought she had a heart,
Made of steel, that never hurts.

One crisp winter morning,
Changed the perceptions.
As the sky was drizzling,
And the doorbells ringing.

A sound that she awaited,
For months together.
A call that she yearned,
To ring in her ears.

She let a gasp of despair,
As two boxes welcomed her.
The inscriptions on the boxes,
Made her weaker than ever.

The two men who loved her,
And whom she loved the most,
Lay in those boxes
Wrapped in the tricolour.

She let out a cry,
A cry that deafened the sky,
A cry that broke the hearts,
Of everyone who had one.

Her heart of steel wasn’t strong
To bear the pain of death.
The boxes broke the strong heart
And shattered it into pieces.


Photo by Thomas Dumortier on Unsplash

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