The Musings of a Fallen Leaf


There i lay,

Separated and alone.

Desperate enough,

To call someone my own.


Detached I was,

From my home,

And I now was,

A building without a dome.


Tears trickles down my eyes 

And drenched I was in it.

Do I have a choice i wondered,

Other than saying ‘I Quit!’


A gust of wind,

Swept me off,

And on my plight,

I did scoff.


What others think,

Should it bother me?

I thought aloud,

And decided to let the thoughts be.


I am free now,

No strings to hold me back.

It is time to set out,

And make the biases crack.


I will fly high,

And prove myself,

By releasing my dreams,

From the dusty shelf.


Photo by Ludmila Kuznetsova on Unsplash


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