I, Mumbai


They came in fearlessly,

And looked possessed.

They marched on my body,

As though they were obsessed.


They carried ammunitions,

And entered my chambers.

Within seconds I was covered,

With blazing embers.


My children reacted fast,

But they were faster.

By the time the counter came,

They struck me with disaster.


Leopold bore the brunt,

As bullets struck through its walls.

The CST wasn’t spared either,

As there was no time for help calls.


They then entered my heart,

The Taj, my soul and pride.

They shot mercilessly

And took the lives for a ride.


My children planned a revenge,

And vowed to destroy them.

The lives of their brethren was taken,

And they had to condemn.


Scores of my kids lost their lives,

Trying to save others.

That showed their affection,

Towards the siblings from other mothers.


Fifteen years since this happened,

And memories are fresh even today

People say, I don’t sleep,

And I never slept since that fateful day.

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