The Bright Star


She gazed at the clear sky,

Not traces of a cloud nor a star.

The line moon smiled at her,

And suddenly turned red.


Pain that she experienced,

Was beyond words to explain.

She felt blood gushing out,

And she looked, teary eyed at the moon.


Now there was a bright star,

Just next to the moon

The moon’s reddishness reduced,

And so did her pain.


Years passed, but the star was there,

Looking at her and smiling.

Again she was back at the hospital bed,

With prayers and wishes.


This time, the pain was merrier,

As it resulted in a wail…

So soothing to hear,

To the ears that waited for it.


Teary eyed, yet again,

She looked at the clear sky.

The bright star was missing there,

Wait… twas there, smiling next to her.


Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

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