The Illusion of Being Normal


Illusion of Being Normal, is a compilation of poems and short stories dedicated to the theme – Mental Health. Talking about mental health is stull a taboo in our society. This book is an ode to the mental well being of an individual.  The poets and writers in this book call out to all who are struggling to overcome the mental health issues and tell them that it is ok to not be ok. The book urges everyone to reach out for help and gives them the solace and reassurance that they aren’t alone through stories and poems in English, Hindi and Tamil.

The book holds two of my poems.

Mind, that controls our body,

Is often ignored and neglected.

Mind, that decides our actions,

Oh! Its cries, to be attended, fail to arouse us

Healthy Mind – A Necessity


The woes of the mind need an ear,

That can just patiently hear,

Sans any prejudiced notion,

And unwanted commotion.

 The Ear that Hears

Compiled by Dr . Shreya S and published by the Young Minds Publishing House, The Illusion of Being Normal is available as a paperback and kindle version.

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