Street Talks


I have seen the world evolve, 

From the sepia hues

To the digital era. 


I have seen the world change, 

From being trampled by feet

To the tyre marks. 


I have seen the world being led, 

From the kings and warriors, 

To the political giants. 


I have seen the climate change, 

From seasonal drifts, 

To the global warming


I have witnessed the

Rise and fall 

Of mighty rulers and nations


I have silently supported

The cries of unison, 

Be it for labor rights or pride. 


I have seen myself change

From adorning the oil light lamps

To the solar powered lights


I am sure, I will be there

As a mute street witness

To the multitude of changes to come. 


Photo by Alex Radelich on Unsplash

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