Blackboard and Beyond


Blackboard and Beyond, an anthology conceptualized by Ms. Meena Mishra, edited by Dr. Sanam V Shaikh and published by The Impish Lass Publishing House houses poems, stories and anecdotes that will for sure take us back to our school days. The theme Blackboard and Beyond talks about the experiences in and out of a classroom, the student teacher connection beyond the blackboard. Around 50 writers and poets have collaborated to this wonderful book.

This book will bring back memories of the wonderful school days and will for sure make one connect with their teachers or students.

His eyes fell on me, and he dashed forward and gave me a tight hug. I was speechless. Tears blinded my eyes and I went on my knees to reciprocate his hug


Your first touch was magical,

And it healed me many times, like a chemical.

Your smile, Aah! What can I say,\

It always made my day.

Few lines from Teaching-A Bliss and My First Love written by me.

Blakcboard and Beyond is available in paperback edition. You can purchase your copies at Amazon – Blackboard and Beyond



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