Awaken the Artist Inside You


A stroke here and a stroke there, or

Raising up the level of a building, or

Testing one’s taste buds, or

Igniting the senses within, or

Swaying to the tunes and beats, 

The true artist lies within. 


Arouse that little soul within, 

Reward it with praises, 

Take the little one on a stroll, 

Instigate the creativity and

See the art that you can create, as

The true artist, indeed, lies deep in you. 


Admire what you created, 

Rise and shine as high as possible, 

Treat yourself to the best, 

Instil confidence to the artist in you, 

Sail through the glitches of uncertainty and

Trust the artist inside you. 


Pic Courtesy : Photo by Vinicius “amnx” Amano on Unsplash

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  1. Amazing work Kirti, they actually make us things for such simple joys of life which we miss/ ignore on regular basis… keep it up


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