The Guiding Moonwake


The night, so silent and serene, 

Dark was the blanket, 

That engulfed everything. 

Slowly brightened the sky, 

As the moonwake, spread its light, 

Revealing the secrets that chose to hide. 

Shadows of moving mortals, 

Fell upon the glistening sands, 

And they moved in silence, as a big clan. 

They were hundreds in number, 

Armed with weapons double their mass, 

Marched quietly, but agile and alert. 

They stopped, took positions, 

And brought the infiltrators down, 

With the moonwake guiding them. 

The daybreak celebrated the victory, 

That was courageously scripted

Under the moonwake. 

Photo by Kym MacKinnon on Unsplash

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