Speed sets in at the daybreak, 

When the lady steps into the kitchen. 

The hands move faster than the bullet train, 

As they slice through the veggies and chicken. 

The cooker croons, not melodious though,

And milk plays hides and seek to spill over, 

The eyes, oh they move so fast, 

Just like someone watching a tennis match. 

You can see her all over, 

In the kitchen, bedroom and bath. 

Doing all actions possible, 

Without losing a breath. 

Packing the tiffin, 

To getting kids ready, 

Catching the bus on time, 

Well, the road runner is slower than her! 

A button to pause and slow down, 

Seems to avoid her, so bad! 

Can she slow down?? 

Oh no! That can be catastrophic like the movie Speed!! 

The rush hours of morning, 

Is not only for the local trains, 

But for the dear mother too, 

Who works with speed as her tool. 

Pic Courtesy : Pinterest

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