Logos Love


I fell in love with you, 

When I could barely stand.

You fascinated me throughout, 

As my fingers lingered over. 


You became my solace, 

At times of loneliness

And I longed to be with you, 

Than anyone else in the world. 


You understood my pain,

When I was mocked over

For befriending you, my dear, 

Nerd, I was called upon. 


But my love never faded, 

And now it has become stronger. 

You are my mouthpiece, 

To convey my thoughts yonder. 


A proud logophile I am, 

Would flaunt you with my head held high. 

You are my true love, 

And that, I would never deny. 

Pic Courtesy : Photo by Andreas Fickl on Unsplash


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