Various Versions of a Woman

Spreading a cheer in the house,  By being immensely adorable,  Is a daughter, who makes one smile.    Fights picked upon,  Yet, the first person to confide,  Is a sister, who's our second mother.    Soul sister, bestie, partner in crime,  You name...

Mother’s Love

She smiled silently, As wholeheartedly she cooked But for whom, you know?   Maybe her parents Or, wait, for her dearest friends? Or her spouse who's tired?   No, her smile speaks more Of contentment and pure bliss Of feeding someone   Who's a part of...

The Realization

She saw her life swinging high and low As she swung high up in the wooden swing.  The carefree days of childhood,  Brought a beautiful curve on her face.  Lest she knew, how short lived was that,  As she...


Speed sets in at the daybreak,  When the lady steps into the kitchen.  The hands move faster than the bullet train,  As they slice through the veggies and chicken.  The cooker croons, not melodious though, And milk plays hides...

Mother’s Anklets

Colours eluded him, From the day he was born. Sound he did befriend From then on. He had only his mom, On whom he could lean on forever. He saw her with his ears, All through his life. Her anklets were his...

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