The Realization


She saw her life swinging high and low

As she swung high up in the wooden swing. 

The carefree days of childhood, 

Brought a beautiful curve on her face. 

Lest she knew, how short lived was that, 

As she was sent far off tied in the bond of marriage. 


The bliss of childhood was lost pretty soon, 

As she adapted self to the new role. 

Days went by real quick and seconds passed in a blink, 

There she stood, a child herself, carrying a child within, 

The girl became a mother, 

Or should we say, a child birthed a child? 


Her daughter grew up real fast, 

That she caught up with mommy soon. 

They spent hours together, 

And even resembled each other, 

That it was hard to say, 

Who was the mother and who, the daughter. 


Their laughter echoed through the orchard, 

Defying societal norms. 

Who said, girls can’t enjoy life, 

After becoming a mother. 

The swing made her reflect and decide, 

That she would let her daughter live childhood to the fullest. 

Image Courtesy – Rahul Mehtre


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