Various Versions of a Woman


Spreading a cheer in the house, 

By being immensely adorable, 

Is a daughter, who makes one smile. 


Fights picked upon, 

Yet, the first person to confide, 

Is a sister, who’s our second mother. 


Soul sister, bestie, partner in crime, 

You name the word and there you find

A friend, who’s always ready. 


Another family to take care of,

Just like one’s own, 

There you see a daughter in law, who’s in action. 


Being someone’s support system, 

By standing tall with them, 

Is a wife, who’s love is priceless. 


Motherly instinct is inborn they say, 

But skeptical she always is, 

A mother, who’s doubts never cease. 


All these combine, 

To make the best creation ever, 

A woman, who’s importance is felt at every phase. 

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