Kuttanadan Punchayile

The wood to carve you,  Is chosen after high scrutiny.  It's worshiped before being chopped,  To give the majestic shape that you carry.    You're treated next to God,  Revered and respected by all.  The villagers that owns you,  Love you like...

Boston Tea Party

Can you imagine, Tea, generally harmless, Became so harmful, That it led to a massive Destruction and mushroom cloud.  Image by USA-Reiseblogger from Pixabay

Terracotta Men

  In the quest of immortality,  A palace was built,  To live after death.    It started when the emperor,  Was just in his teens Oh dear!    Twenty square miles it was,  Where the tomb was built,  It was no less than the palace,...

She is Sea

Life originated from her,  Say the mythologies.  She is the mother to all,  Including you and me.  She was the path, Taken by Magellan and Gama,  As they set out to explore the world.  She stayed calm When battles were fought over...

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