If a Castle Would Speak


The walls, old yet firm, 

Spoke in volumes, 

Of the royalty it enclosed. 

The generations that grew within, 

And the stories of their valour. 


The unwinding stairs, 

Had tales to tell too. 

Tales of battle lessons learnt, 

And footsteps that brought in

Happiness, fear and anxiety. 


The creaky furniture, 

Probably had more to reveal. 

The incidents that didn’t see the light, 

Mostly not so good ones, 

Alas, went buried with the actors. 


The window sills… 

Aah… soaked with tears. 

Tears of longing and separation, 

Had snippets of love dissolved, 

In those drops that fell. 


If a castle could speak, 

We would hear all these. 

Imagine the treat in store, 

For readers and writers like us, 

If a castle would speak. 

Pic courtesy : Photo by Daniel Morris on Unsplash

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