En route to Death


Title : En route to Death

Author : Ms. Swapna Sasidharan

Genre : Crime Thriller

Language : Malayalam


An intriguing title which ensures that you are hooked up to the book till the end. 


The novel opens with a chilling murder of  a  sexagenerian woman, explained to the minutest details. The detailing does make the reader sick but that lays down the base for the story to develop. 


A smart and enthusiastic DySP Rekhitha IPS is given charge of this murder who cancels her much awaited vacation to start investigation. The conversation between she and her better half makes the couple look ideal. 


The novel proceeds with the investigation. The three more murders of the similar type makes things murkier for Rekhitha and her team. Their diligence and capability is put to test time and again. 


A small lead takes them to the past and from there the clues to the killer unfurl. The eye that Rekhitha has to notice the minutest facts prove handy as the case gets solved. 


A clear case of revenge and the extent to which one’s knowledge is put to use makes the novel interesting. 


A quick read for all crime thriller lovers, En Route to Death doesn’t let you down in the route to justice. 

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