It’s a Falooda of Emotions


It’s a Falooda of Emotions by Vini Kunhappan, is a collection of 12 short stories. These stories take you on a roller coaster ride and quenches the quest for emotions. 


The Heir, talks about the mother, who resolves to bring up her son in a rightful manner. Her determination is the highlight of the story. 


Not Any Less speaks about the grit of Jaanaki aka Jaanu who is no less than a son. Her journey of life, fighting against her own mother(who later supports her), uncles and society and finally getting to become an IAS is indeed an inspiration. 


The Regret of Ajinkya on not letting his love Fiona slip from his hand, just to pursue his career and not knowing that he had lost her forever, tugs the heart. 


But He Was A Friend speaks about betrayal of trust, a key element of any relationship, especially friendship. Vini has managed to bring forth the societal mindset of blaming the woman for all the untowards that happen. 


The Diary – It’s said that we live through our words. Diary is a medium to store our whims and fancies and stays as a memoir like how the mother in the story feels after reading her late daughter’s diary. 


The Classroom –  This is my favourite of the 12. Imagine what would happen if our benches, desks, boards, duster and chalks talk. This story will tickle your bones and is indeed a laughter riot. 


Yoga Class – This one will leave you teary eyed. A sensitive topic brought out really well. My heart went out for Juhi. 


The Wait – Well, words aren’t enough to explain the loss of a loved one, especially if it is your love of life. The build up to the story is really good and the reveal at the end comes as the hard nail on the coffin. 


A Second Chance – The writer has brought out the affection that the senior citizens yearn for. Felt like seeing a movie while reading this one. Beautiful story of love. 


The StoryTeller – This one will bring back memories of childhood that we spent listening to stories from our grandparents. Their journey of life is no less than a story isn’t it? 


The Promise – A typical story of sibling rivalry and sacrifice. Could feel Ananth’s pain and probably his father felt the same too, towards the end. 


The Decision – The trust and support between a couple brought out well through Vikram and Bina. 


Barring a few editorial misses here and there, the book offers us a wonderful ride through human feelings and emotions. 


Published by Writefluence, the book is priced at ₹150 and is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. 


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