Letter to Soul


A visit to the college, 

Flooded me with those moments, 

So lovely and cherished. 

Every inch of the corridor and ground, 

The classrooms and benches, 

Spoke the tales of love, 

That flourished within the campus. 


I sneaked into the library, 

As that was my hideout. 

And as I browsed through the books, 

I came across a collection of Shelley. 

That one was close to me, 

That even after decades, 

It bore our scent and touch. 


My heart paced as I flipped the pages, 

There lay a paper so neatly folded, 

I could hear my heartbeat, 

Amidst the usual silence, 

And I heard it sing the song of love, 

As I opened the folds, 

And read through it. 


Tears moistened my eyes, 

And hands trembled. 

That letter was my life, 

Which got buried in the book forever. 

I was alive you see, 

But not my soul, 

Till I held the letter. 


It read, “My dearest, 

Dreams, might not come true, 

Just like what happened to us. 

We aren’t together now, 

As you read through my words. 

Don’t let your soul die, 

As we are connected by soul even now”.


Those words, laced with love, 

In all its purity and bliss, 

Brought my soul back to life, 

As it was buried deep within. 

Now I resolved to live, 

For that letter you see. 

As that bore my love, love of eternity.


Photo by John Jennings on Unsplash

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