Book Title – Goya

Author – Priya Bajpai

Publisher – Room9 Publications

Language – English

Pages – 138

Available on Amazon Goya

A one stop for all genres. Goya has 27 stories across different genres ranging from romance, thriller, revenge, time travel, sci-fi, mystery etc. The journey begins with a touch of psychiatry with the Kaleidoscope and makes us disappear with Ari and her globe. The Sherlock Holmes within us is piqued with Ahana and her case, as we travel with her to investigate the Murder in the Palace. Well, that was my favourite.  That story was no less than any detective mystery that you would have read. Daniel in his pink dress did make one laugh. Then came the Time Machine taking us on a real time travel. Geisha leaves us teary eyed upon knowing Kira’s plight. The Horrific Holocaust did send shivers down my spine. That is one dreadful slice of history that I would want to forget.

Overall, Goya is a good read and keeps you immersed in the book. I have just highlighted the portions that I liked in it.


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