It was a full moon night. The sky was clear and the village roads and paddy fields shone under the moonlight. Veni wanted to take a stroll to the temple pond. She picked up her mobile and proceeded towards the door. “Veni, don’t go out now. Odiyan varunna samayama”, said her muthassi. “Oh! This muthassi. There aren’t any odiyans. I am going out amme”, retorted Veni. The sound of birds retreating to their nests and frogs croaking welcomed her as she walked through the mud road. The road looked deserted and that sent a fear down her spine. Even though she gelled enough to the city life, somewhere deep in her mind, the simple village girl was awake. Thud! Veni was startled and dropped her phone in shock. Gasping for breath she shouted, “Odiyan vanne rakshikkane”. She crawled to pick up her phone and turned on the light. The sight around her made her laugh. A big dried coconut had fallen down making that noise. She looked around and saw that no one had come for help. She managed to get up and walked back home feeling silly. 

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Odiyan – according to Kerala folklore they are men who possess shapeshifting ability and can transform themselves into animals. They are said to have inhabitated the Malabar area before the widespread use of electricity. 

Odiyan varunna samayama – It’s time when the odiyan comes. 

Muthassi – grandmother

Odiyan vanne, rakshikkane – odiyan came, save me

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