What to Choose!!


Stuck between heaven and hell, 

She had choices, but very less. 

The job she had embraced, 

Knowing the challenges well. 


Spy, she was called by her mother, 

Citizen, by the far off nation. 

Flew away she did from her own, 

Severing ties with one another. 


She neither belonged here nor there, 

As none wanted her under their care. 

Suddenly she became, 

A burden from nowhere. 


Once revealed, she knew she was done, 

To be put under trial, 

Both in heaven and hell. 

Her dilemma continued, on the choice of one. 


She had all the money in the place she had assumed heaven,

But dangers and strings attached were a ton,

Oh! Wasn’t reigning in hell stress-free more fun?

But ways to go back to her homeland, none.


Photo by Dmitry Ratushny on Unsplash


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