Walk Away


Walk Away by Anitha Padanattil is a women centric book. One feels a connection with every character in the book. 

Monika aka Esther, Mala, Sharadamma, Rashi feel like themselves or the colleague in the next seat who faces all trivial issues in life. 

Each one of them have their strong and weak points but the way they stand up for themselves and for the others is what makes them special. 

The resilient Monika, composed Mala, gutsy Sharadamma and the independent Rashi all leave an imprint on the minds of the reader. There is some aspect in all of them that connects personally with you if you are a woman or it resonates with any woman whom you have met. 

The male characters in the book are varied too. Ramakrishnan, who stands as a rock for his wife Sharada is poles apart from his son in law Vinay who is abusive to the core. Pritam aka Preet, seems to be a resolved person. 

Overall, the book is a roller coaster journey through the lives of these women. 


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