Under the Moonlight


“There is a tree near the lake, come there at 9 PM tonight. I shall meet you then”, read the message from Rohan.” The campfire would would get over by then. Why does he want to meet me then”? Wondered Siya. They were classmates from school and the bestest friends. Joining the same college was a mutual decision and parents were happy too.
The clock struck 9 and Siya sneaked out from her tent. Using the mobile torch she made her way to the lake. Rohan was there as promised. The night was calm and the full moon reflected on the waters making it shine bright. “Why did you call me here Rohan? Tell me fast, we need to get back before the professor senses our absence”, said Siya in a worried tone. ” Relax Siya, we will return soon, but can we do so as a couple”? Before Siya could gather what was happening, Rohan was on his knees, his outstretched arm held a red rose. Tears of surprise and happiness rolled down her eyes and she nodded in affirmation.

Photo by Tony Detroit on Unsplash

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