The Crumpled Note


I Love Her, I Love Her,
Read the crumpled note,
And struck a bolt to mind
Of the mom, that echoed
A panoply of thoughts

Who, What and Why?
She asked to herself.
And it seemed a rehearsal,
A final one,
Before the actual bout.

Calm, and composed
Looked the curly haired,
As the mother came near her.
The glare of her furious eyes
Failed to unnerve the sublime teen.

She is beautiful, Mom,
Answered she subtly.
And confidence seemed to build,
With every adjective,
That described her love.

Loud and clear, she continued,
To talk about her love
And she never fell short of words.
Mom was now, eager to know,
To whom the kisses were blown.

The mom’s heart paced faster,
As her daughter flipped the book
And with gleaming eyes,
She pointed to her love –
Her beloved teacher.


Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

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