Till the Last Breath – Soft Sentiments of a Steeled Soldier


Who said soldiers can wield only weapons? Well, Col. Jyotirmayi Ghosal answers this with his book Till the Last Breath – Soft Sentiments of a Steeled Soldier. 


Through aptly divided sections, the poet takes us through a wonderful journey through his powerful and mesmerizing words. 


The first section about the brave hearts does leave one teary eyed. The bravery of the men in uniform and their emotional side are portrayed well by the poet. 


Nature never ceases to amaze and caress us. Through the second section on nature, the poet reveals his love for the supreme mother and makes the reader soak in her motherly affection. 


The section on dates and days literally was soothing and refreshing to read. 


The last section of the awards, the poems were really insightful and wonderful. 


My personal favourites are the ones in section one especially the Kargil War, Master of his Destiny and the one on Ashes. 


Kudos to Col. Ghosal and awaiting to read more from his pen!! 

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