The Trio Adventures – The Hidden Jewel


Title : The Trio Adventures – The Hidden Jewel

Author : Vismaya Rajeev

Genre : Adventure, Child Fiction

Four siblings go on a cruise to New Zealand. What unfolds there is the plot of the book The Trio Adventures – The Hidden Jewel. 

Peter, Jack, Sara and Ruby, ‘The Pershings’ lived in England. They embark on a cruise trip to New Zealand. Excited and nervous the siblings happily pack and set off to the dock to board the ship. 

There, they meet the Trio – Lea, Mary and Ria from the first series of ‘The Trio Adventures’. 

All kids were of the same age and they instantly gelled with each other. 

Once they settle down, the Pershings set off to explore the ship. They are awestruck seeing the grand interiors. Very soon they realize that they got lost. While figuring the way out, they meet the captain of the ship Ms. Meredith.

Later at night, Peter is piqued after hearing some noise and through the crack on the door, he sees some shadows moving and taking something with it. 

The adventure starts here when Peter shares this with his siblings and the Trio. They children quickly decide to investigate and this leads them to Gustaf, the Ordinary Seaman from Italy. They explore Gustaf’s room and find some evidence that points out his involvement. 

The families now check into a hotel. Now that Gustaf came out clean, the children explore the hotel and enjoy their vacation till they hear some threatening conversations from a storage room. the detectives that they are, set out on an investigation. 

The manager of the hotel Mr.Alford helps them in this investigation. The children grow suspicious about two guests with the way they behaved and spoke. The investigation goes through some interesting diversions, misunderstandings and startling revelations. 

Finally the Pershings and the Trio solve the case and their adventurous trip comes to a fruitful end. 

The way the whole story paces through keeps you hooked up. I was reminded of Famous Five and Secret Seven as I read through. 

This book is fast paced and keeps us hooked till the end. 

The book is available as a paperback and a kindle version too.

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