Tears of Happiness


His big round eyes,
Gleamed with joy,
As he saw his mother,
Come back from exile.

She had fought a battle
Between life and death,
Spending months together,
Away from her son.

The little boy of ten,
Knew that his prayers,
Had brought her back,
To him and he smiled.

His mother, alas,
Tried to hide from him,
As her face was charred,
By the burning fluid.

The boy, so mature,
Went close to his mother,
Held her hands close to his chest
And spoke loud and clear.

“Mom, you are more than beautiful,
As I know how your heart is.
Don’t worry about your face,
As for me you are always pretty’.

Tears rolled down her eyes,
As she hugged him tight.
That was a best medicine,
Which could heal her from within.


Photo by Eye for Ebony on Unsplash

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